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5 Ways to Protect Your Table

5 Ways to Protect Your Table

Protecting your table is not an easy task. Tables are exposed to different factors which include sunlight, kids, pets and also wear and tear. Indoor tables are more often exposed to heat, chemicals, marring, and moisture. Outdoor tables, on the other hand, are exposed to various elements such as sunlight, snow, wind, and rain. Thus outdoor tables need more additional protection against these elements.

Necessary measures are required to be taken in order to protect your wooden tables against any unexpected or future damage. Some of the necessary preventive measures include…

1. Dusting the table regularly

Dusting your table regularly to prevent scratches and build up. Dust seems harmless to your wooden table but in reality, it may cause small scratches on the surface of the table when dust accumulates. Therefore gently swiping a cloth on the surface of your wooden table in a circular motion is necessary to make your table last longer and looking better.

2. Use a table protector

Limiting the likelihood of damage using a protective cover is also necessary to protect your table. Protective layers such as placemats, coasters, trivets and table cloths are important in protecting your table from immediate contact with moisture, heat and other elements.

It is recommended to avoid protective pieces made of vinyl or plastic like placemats that are made of materials which can be harmful and ruin your table. If you don’t want to cover up your table completely, you can still retain the look of your table while protecting using a clear table protector.

3. Choosing the right place for your table

Selecting an environment that does not ruin your table is also very important. Wooden materials are very vulnerable to dryness, moisture, and some other extreme settings so choosing a place with consistent temperature in an office or at home is very important in order to have the best condition and appearance of the table over time.

Dining rooms, living rooms, offices and bedrooms are the best places to place table due to steady temperatures with a good balance of dryness and moisture. Bathrooms and laundry rooms are not the best places to place your table due to high humidity levels and moisture in the air.

4. Cleaning accidents immediately

Cleaning up accidents when they occur immediately is also important to avoid lasting damage to your table. Accidents can occur unexpectedly over time and thus cleaning up quickly any drink or food spill is important in order to protect your table from serious damage. Waiting for too long before cleaning up a drink spill will allow the spill to settle causing much more severe damage than the first spill. Using a dry, clean and soft cloth is the best for cleaning an accidental spill that has occurred. Avoid using cleaners that may be harmful to you and instead use homemade cleaners made with ingredients such as lime juice, vinegar, turpentine and olive oil.

5. Wax your table

Applying wax to restore and protect your table using the sprays, polishes, and oils which are made available to protect your wooden table. Wax can be particularly useful for many reasons since when it is applied regularly and properly it can be able to protect your table from damage and also making your table more appealing. Oils and polish provide the cosmetic shine to the wooden table but do not offer extra protection to the table.

How you protect your table will have an impact on its condition and appearance. Therefore taking the following measures will ensure that your table lasts longer and has a beautiful appearance.

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