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5 Ways to Protect Your Table

Protecting your table is not an easy task. Tables are exposed to different factors which include sunlight, kids, pets and also wear and tear. Indoor tables are more often exposed to heat, chemicals, marring, and moisture. Outdoor tables, on the other hand, are exposed to various elements such as sunlight, snow, wind, and rain. Thus outdoor tables need more additional protection against these elements.

Necessary measures are required to be taken in order to protect your wooden tables against any unexpected or future damage. Some of the necessary preventive measures include…

1. Dusting the table regularly

Dusting your table regularly to prevent scratches and build up. Dust seems harmless to your wooden table but in reality, it may cause small scratches on the surface of the table when dust accumulates. Therefore gently swiping a cloth on the surface of your wooden table in a circular motion is necessary to make your table last longer and looking better.

2. Use a table protector

Limiting the likelihood of damage using a protective cover is also necessary to protect your table. Protective layers such as placemats, coasters, trivets and table cloths are important in protecting your table from immediate contact with moisture, heat and other elements.

It is recommended to avoid protective pieces made of vinyl or plastic like placemats that are made of materials which can be harmful and ruin your table. If you don’t want to cover up your table completely, you can still retain the look of your table while protecting using a clear table protector.

3. Choosing the right place for your table

Selecting an environment that does not ruin your table is also very important. Wooden materials are very vulnerable to dryness, moisture, and some other extreme settings so choosing a place with consistent temperature in an office or at home is very important in order to have the best condition and appearance of the table over time.

Dining rooms, living rooms, offices and bedrooms are the best places to place table due to steady temperatures with a good balance of dryness and moisture. Bathrooms and laundry rooms are not the best places to place your table due to high humidity levels and moisture in the air.

4. Cleaning accidents immediately

Cleaning up accidents when they occur immediately is also important to avoid lasting damage to your table. Accidents can occur unexpectedly over time and thus cleaning up quickly any drink or food spill is important in order to protect your table from serious damage. Waiting for too long before cleaning up a drink spill will allow the spill to settle causing much more severe damage than the first spill. Using a dry, clean and soft cloth is the best for cleaning an accidental spill that has occurred. Avoid using cleaners that may be harmful to you and instead use homemade cleaners made with ingredients such as lime juice, vinegar, turpentine and olive oil.

5. Wax your table

Applying wax to restore and protect your table using the sprays, polishes, and oils which are made available to protect your wooden table. Wax can be particularly useful for many reasons since when it is applied regularly and properly it can be able to protect your table from damage and also making your table more appealing. Oils and polish provide the cosmetic shine to the wooden table but do not offer extra protection to the table.

How you protect your table will have an impact on its condition and appearance. Therefore taking the following measures will ensure that your table lasts longer and has a beautiful appearance.

5 Woodworking Tools You Need to Own

It is so amazing how some tools can totally transform a bad-looking piece of wood into something worth admiring. You need to own them, especially for DIY tasks. You don’t even need to be a carpenter to buy them. You will realize how useful they are once you have them. Now, let’s find out the basic woodworking tools that are must-haves in your home.

1. Paint sprayer

This is an easy-to-use tool. Imagine holding that brush and a can of paint, bending over to paint some small piece of craft? You may spend hours just painting the same thing. A paint sprayer saves you this tussle. It is very easy to operate. Paint flows through a hose and is distributed in a circular shape through the tip. Within a few minutes, you will be done painting since its speed is super high. You can also use it to paint your walls.

2. Saw horse

A timber saw horse is a very simple tool that you can even make by yourself. It is a beam of wood supported on four legs. It is used to support a plank or board when sawing. You need to position two saw horses apart in order to create firm support for the plank being sawn. There are different types of sawhorses on the market. You should find out which one suit you best and buy it.

3. Jigsaw

Circular shapes and patterns make furniture more appealing to the eye. A jigsaw is a tool responsible for such beauty. It has an electric motor which powers a blade fixed at the tip. The rotations provide the sharp blade with power to reciprocate and cut through wood. You need to have one in stock so as to build different designs of furniture. It is hand-held and easy to use. You can change the blades any time you want.

4. Cordless drill

This is a relatively small tool that enables you to drill holes through wood. Holes can be useful when making doorknobs, sink faucets, and drains. You can also use this tool to make holes through which bolts can go. It is powered by a rechargeable battery. A voltage of between 4 and 8 volts is enough for performing minor drilling. You may need a higher voltage for heavy or dense drilling.

5. Table saw

This is a basic tool for any furniture workshop. It is a simple tool that enables you to make different cuts from the same table. You can make ripples, cross-cuts, and, miter cuts on wood. It is very easy to use and even newbies can use it. Different table saws have different features.

For DIY purposes, a table with just a few basic features may be okay. However, if you prefer one with more complex features, why not? Woodworking tools are essential to your home, just like any other home equipment is.

You need to conduct research on the vendors, brands, and features of these tools before purchasing them. You don’t want something that will last a month and break down. Go for the highest quality and make your home glamorous.

Five Home Improvement Ideas

Facelift your living space – 

Giving your living space a restorative facelift may sound excessively basic. However, it conveys substantial mental lift. Individuals like to get drenched in the more quiet shades amid summer, so you better sprinkle around some mitigating shades to support yourself as well as other people in your home.

Reinsulate your home – 

An all-around protected home can be advantageous for you from multiple points of view. Putting some cash and time in the protection of your house won’t just enable you to appreciate a cooler summer and hotter winter. However, it will likewise assist you with bringing down service charges altogether over some undefined time frame.

The greener the better! – 

Almost certainly about it, endeavoring to make your home green reimburses you in different ways, much the same as there are numerous viewpoints to make your home green and eco-accommodating. In the event that you are feeling like it, introducing windmills or sun oriented boards can be a standout amongst the best home improvement attempts ever to take up. Indeed, there are individuals out there gutsy and yearning enough to make DIY sun oriented boards and windmills before introducing them in their homes independent from anyone else. It may sound much overpowering to you at first both physically just as monetarily, yet the truth is that it rewards you incredibly also. Not only it fills in as a commitment to nature, yet to your very own wellbeing and riches from multiple points of view.

Introduce a programmable indoor regulator – 

It may show up excessively small of an assignment to take as a good home improvement venture; you will be stunned to perceive how it helps in cutting utility expenses in summer just as winter. You would most likely program your indoor regulator to work only when somebody is home, rather than persistently working throughout the day.

Set up a lawn porch – 

Having a lawn is incredible, however having an awesome yard with agreeable greenery enclosure furniture that empowers you to make the most of your nighttimes and evenings is shockingly better. Fixing a terrace yard for your home can be a standout amongst the best DIY home improvement undertakings to get into. This will offer you with a cool and loosening up spot directly in your very own home, rather than heading out all over to spend an advantageous night. You alongside your family and companions can have comfortable social events with the nourishment you adore without investing sumptuously every energy.Putting resources into time and cash for home improvement tasks may seem like a lot for amateurs, yet once you begin receiving the rewards, they appear to be entirely justified, despite all the trouble.

Top Home Design

Konieczny’s Ark, Poland, by Robert Konieczny-

Polish planner and 2016 World Building of the Year victor Robert Konieczny structured this dugout like property for his own family. It consolidates various surprising security highlights, from a shape that keeps bystanders from its windows to a passageway that capacities like a drawbridge. It can likewise be fixed up when abandoned.

The Hidden Pavilion by Penelas Architects-

In light of the remote forest area of this house, its proprietors were not also stressed over security – henceforth the mind-boggling measure of glass. Encircled by a modern steel structure, these window dividers offer excellent perspectives on the environment, while trees give a not too bad measure of shade to keep a nursery impact.


Solo House II, Spain, by Office KGDVS-

Office KGDVS made this pure retreat in the Spanish field, in the wake of being asked by designer Christian Bourdais to structure a fantasy home. Some portion of a venture called Solo House, the essential property includes a round rooftop and bent glass dividers. It offers all-encompassing perspectives on the encompassing mountain scene, yet also, outlines a liberal focal patio.

Red House winery by Extra studio-

Lisbon office Extra studio changed over an old winery to make this family home in southern Portugal. Red pigmented render was utilized to give the building a particular new shading, and another pool was introduced close by.

Jintai Village, China, by Rural-Urban Framework

A standout amongst the most socially capable house plans of this current year, this venture by Rural-Urban Framework has restored a Chinese town that has endured two cataclysmic events in the previous decade. The designers built up a model that was utilized to constructed 22 homes. Independence was vital – every property consolidates a housetop garden that can be utilized for developing yields, water gathering, and a passageway that serves as a region for selling items and produce.

Entre Pinos, Mexico, by Taller Hector Barroso-

Potentially a standout amongst the most delightfully shot ventures of 2017, these five indistinguishable ends of the week houses in Mexico highlight earthenware conditioned dividers, made utilizing a render produced using privately sourced soil. Other intriguing highlights incorporate staircases that show up as expulsions on the outside dividers.

Caring Wood, UK, by James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell-

Recently named as the House of the Year by the Royal Institute of British Architects, this unique nation house contains enough space to oblige a vast more distant family. In light of customary Kentish oast houses, it highlights rakish smokestacks canvassed in handcrafted mud tiles and an immense focal patio. Inside, there is a chain of importance to the spaces – going from a gigantic anteroom to increasingly comfortable rooms and lounges.

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